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Thanks to its perfect geographical position in between two really huge masses of land like the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere and the connection of these two, some million years ago that allowed different species of plants, animals and other creature begin the migrations searching for new space to colonize. Some of these migrate from north to south and some others from south to north, using Costa Rica as a bridge on land. These migration give the opportunity to different species that were not in here before to colonize what is now Costa Rica plus lots of species that evolved in here and turn into new and endemic species for our country.
That is why if you love nature and want to see an important amount of different species with very different behaviors and in a very small area COSTA RICA is your best choice. Once in Costa Rica one of the principal protected areas, one of the most biodiverse areas and one of the most visited Cloud Forests in the World is called MONTEVERDE, a well hidden paradise that you definitely don´t want to miss.
Once in Monteverde the best option to even enjoy more this beautiful lands and to have more options to see wildlife and maybe take some good pictures of them is by hiring a Local Naturalist Guide, which with excellent equipment like spotting scope, binoculars, field guides etc will take you through the different trails of the reserves in search of hidden wonders so that you like my priority can see, enjoy and learns about all of them.

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